About Us

Sliceofmymind.com is the product of a writer/PC Technician/Multimedia Buff and CEO of Fusion Centric Media Studios, Frank Reese. Throughout the Internet there are many places where you could post your opinion on a particular topic but in the end your opinion (be it good or bad) was buried beneath countless others, probably never to see the light day again. Frank thought what if a user’s opinion could be displayed or debated on as much as the topic the opinion was based upon? The user spent precious time and effort to voice their opinion in an intelligent manner, why isn’t that user rewarded? As a veteran of “Comment Wars”, Frank sought out to create a place where “comment wars” would be as much the focus as the topic they are based on.
The world operates on personal beliefs and opinions. Innovation is a result of someone’s thought that an ordinary action could be improved upon or one way of doing something isn't always the “right” way to do so. You only have to take a look on TV to see talk shows, day or night with the host basically telling you his/her opinion. What’s the difference between you and the host? Nothing, besides getting paid to do it; a reward for them simply voicing their opinions. On Sliceofmymind.com, everyone has the chance to be that host, and get rewarded for doing so.
Frank quickly went to work to get his ideas on paper and eventually turned them into a functioning concept site. Not very good with actual web development at the time, he used a CMS (Xoops) as a base. Sliceofmymind.com 1.0 was launched upon the world on November 25, 2007. Throughout our first year, we stuck with the principals of creating thought-provoking content that would get people to voice their opinions, but the site’s interface and functionality were sub-par and lacking to say the least.
Frank went back to the concept stages during the summer of 2008. What was needed was a true reward system that was integrated into the website where users were rewarded on almost all opinion based actions. Thus, the SOMM Points system was born. In December of 08, Sliceofmymind.com 1.5 Beta launched; a completely new site birth out of the ashes of SOMM 1.0.
Sliceofmymind.com 1.5 Beta was a foundation release, with only basic site features like blogging, articles and little else functioned. In mid-March of 09, SOMM 1.6 Alpha was made available and public membership registration was finally opened.
In August of 2011, the core concept of Sliceofmymind.com (opinions) was strengthen and the community aspects were removed.
July of 2012, Justin and Julia has joined Sliceofmymind.com as Junior Editors and SOMM 4.0 Beta was launched.