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Sometimes you walk upon a situation that challenges your preconceptions and life experiences.

Feeling a bit hungry, I stopped at Mickey D’s for some tasty nuggets and a beverage. While in line I overheard three teenage girls making fun of a group of people, but one guy wearing a black Metallica shirt and torn blue jeans, in particular was their main target.  The group was mostly made up of young guys around the ages of 13 to 16 but the one guy, I suspect, was 18 or 19. They were gathered in pairs of two, hovering over what might have been Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon card games.

“He is so ugly, probably a child molester” said one girl in a light purple top and jean shorts of the 18/19 year old male.  She spoke so loud and clearly, I am sure he heard what she said. He looked up from his cards at the girl with a perplexed expression but then smiled. The line starting to move, one guy ahead of the three girls and I’m behind them. I waited for his response as the girls continued to murmur quietly, but he kept on smiling.

Finally, he stood up and started walking towards us. I thought he was going to go off on them, rightfully so, but he walked pass us during a bout of roaring laughter from two of the girls. At the corner of my eye, I glanced at a beautiful woman with red hair. This woman was an employee, a drive-thru associate I believe. The guy walked up to the counter and said something to this associate. She smiled radiantly. He bent over the counter and she hugged him, seconds later she kissed him for what seem like an eternity. This wasn’t a friendly type of kiss, no, apparently this card playing, “child molester” was the boyfriend of a woman that made the three girls look like chimps.

The three girls were no longer laughing, no longer whispering. Their dumfounded faces were etched with blush red. I then started laughing myself, I couldn’t help it. Here is a guy that many would perceive as a “loser” but somehow has the wherewithal to maintain a relationship with a woman most guys wouldn’t even consider approaching lest thee be shot down. I knew why he did what he did and when his eyes met mine, a simple nod is all that we exchanged before he went back to his game.

After ordering, the three girls huddled next to the counter and when the guy asked how could he help me, I asked him “Is stupidity a genetic trait or is it learned?” He looked at me confused. I laughed and looked at the girl with the purple shirt. She opened her mouth meaning to say something, but quickly closed it. I left Mickey D’s wondering if those girls learned anything, probably not but I could hope. I want to hear from you, the readers, whether if you have had a situation change your preconceptions. Tell me in the comment area below.

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Monday, December 18, 2017
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