The Next Big Thing: 3D Multimedia Websites

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While the majority of industries aimed at consumers are tightening their belts and reducing R&D costs due to the global recession, some are still looking to innovate. One such industry is the film industry and their hope and money is vested in the Third Dimension. You probably heard about the latest craze in the movie world, 3D films, perhaps you even experienced one. One industry as powerful as the film industry doesn't take anything lightly and when they focus on a new technology, other industries take notice.

Companies like Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG and RCA are working on the next big TV product, 3D High Definition Televisions. They are of course working on these new technologies because of the push by major Hollywood companies to produce 3D films. Not only will you be able to experience the 3D effects of a film when it is in theaters but if companies like Samsung and Sony have their way, you'll be able to enjoy those same effects in the comfort of your home, no glasses required. The TV manufacturers are not the only companies looking ahead to a brand new 3D world.

Some of the companies that are developing the 3D HDTVs are also working on 3D computer monitors. Samsung and LG are amongst the first major consumer electronics manufacturers to have 3D computer monitors in the works but if you are willing to take a chance and/or always wanting the newer technologies before everyone else, you can get a 3D computer monitor right now on the Internet. The current 3D computer monitors are marketed towards PC Gamers but that will change when web developers start developing 3D multimedia websites.

Imagine if you will, browsing to your favorite social networking website. A friend of yours posted new photos of his trip to Portugal. You always wanted to visit, but you don't have the time or money to do so. One photo is of him sitting down to a meal. The plate itself pops off the screen, the steam from the freshly made cozido à portuguesa lingers in the air, begging you to reach out and devour it. Another photo of him holding a folk piercing through slices of amazing looking linguiça and chouriço up to his mouth makes you want to slap it out his hand out of pure jealousy. All of his photos are in 3D, showcasing different aspects of the environment that jumps out at you, gives you the feeling that you are there with him and guess what you just visited Portugal.

Some of what I wrote is pretty farfetched but 3D technology does give you the sense that whatever you are viewing is in the same room with you. I'm not talking about the simple 3D technology deploy in the market right now, but the new kind that will give you a taste of a virtual reality simulation. It is only a matter of time before 3D technology floods the Interweb and everyday media becomes a bit more exciting. I predict with all the new 3D HDTV's and computer monitors arriving sometime next year that by 2012/2013, 3D websites will be common. You heard it here first!

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Monday, December 18, 2017
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