The Girlfriend Poem (New Edition)

Written by Rage on . Posted in The Other Slices

Falling of an angel,
Into my arms she lies.
True are the words,
“True love is hard to find.”
Out of nowhere she came to me,
Like a bottled letter from the great blue sea.
My heart races out of fear,
To her heart I cannot compare.
She takes my hand and I begin to follow,
As we walk to the light amiss the shadows.
The heart pains I felt before,
Begins to mend without a sore.
As we come up to the light,
I start to lose my sight.
This must be the test,
To give her my trust and love with none less.
I am washed in the light,
I give some fight.
Suddenly the fear and pain lets me be,
I open my eyes and truly see.
Her love became apart of me.
She led me through the shadow of death.
For this reason alone I believe,

I will remain in her arms until time ceases to be.

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Monday, December 18, 2017
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