Independent Women

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You are an Independent Woman. You are strong, intelligent, and self-preserving. You do not need anyone to take care of you, be it family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend. Along the path of the woman's transformation or growth from traditional "Housewife" to modern Miss Independent USA, something got lost during the process.

I don't follow the inclination of the double-edge sword/male dominance that men have sowed deep into society's soil or their side effects that a woman should be a housewife, a caterer of male ego. Even as the resulting birth of a marriage that followed tradition, I didn't view the female as inferior; most times quite the opposite.

I was taught never to raise a hand or voice to a woman, to protect and cherish every moment with her. Someone must've told modern women something very differently. I've been spit upon by a woman, punched, kicked and suffered other physical and verbal abuse by women. As a former boxer I could have easily harmed the women or traded curses with them. I have never tried to physically harm any woman even after their initial attack. Some of you may wonder why a woman would hit a big man like me if not for self defense. Did I cheat? I never cheated on anyone even if I thought about it. Did I verbally abuse them? No, I'm the kind of guy that walks away from the argument, "The Avoider". I've learned modern women do not like to be ignored nor should you walk away during an argument.

The modern independent woman picked up some of the traits from the traditional male way of thinking. First, the ideology of "I don't need you as much as you need me". This ideology was washed in translation and the output stands as "I can always get better than you". One brutally honest woman even told me "The male friends of a woman aren't what they seem. They are reserve dick in case you fuck up". If that were the case for every modern woman, why would they display the second trait I'm about to discuss.

Modern independent women have control issues to say the least. They have grown exceedingly possessive of the men in their life, especially the mate. This trait is not unlike that of the traditional male, exacting total control over the woman's whereabouts, company, dates and time. While this trait seems to contradict the concept of an "independent" woman, the ideology behind it formulates a mental truth, whether it is an actual contradiction or not. In other terms, although the independent woman quite possibly can do better, it is the idea if you are going to be with the woman, she wants to control the variables of the relationship. This is why at the hint of a violation of those relationship variables hostility is the main way an independent woman retains the image of control. This trait was the main factor of almost all arguments (and resulting physical attacks) in my past relationships with independent women.

The last trait is emotional protection. You can see or experience it in many different ways; the protective barrier is up and probably will always remain that way. The emotional protection consists of mental roadblocks or outside shields like, their career, family, friends, pets or any other excuse they can muster up. Breaking through one protective layer reveals another. A defensive guard that is better than the Spartans of old. You could love this woman with all of your heart and she may very well love you to, but the true rapture begins with the unraveling of the secret code to the protective armor that surrounds her heart. I think the idea of pure unconditional love disappeared when the independent woman took her place in the forefront and the traditional male did nothing about it.

In many ways, women are the source of love. They can bring the strongest to their knees, unearth a smile from the most enraged and soften the hardest. Can we blame them from going from the unnoticed to the "I don't care"? I do not nor cannot place the blame on the independent woman. I do not want women to go back into the "sidekick" position. What I want them to know is that there are guys who will cherish them, acknowledge that the woman is his queen. Most of all, I want them to know it is alright to love again.

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