Socialism is Bad, Sharing also Bad?

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As some of you may know, I am a Republican. I am not the far-right conservative who spew crap like the Ten Commandments placards have a place in schools along with prayer or that if you can't speak English you must be deported out this country (although I think you SHOULD learn it). Conservatives have lately thrown the word Socialism around like there is no tomorrow (in their belief, there won't be unless President Obama is kicked out). This mud throwing has finally landed close to home. Not in the form of discussion with another adult but at the time an unapparent attempt of an eight-year linking parental rules with Socialism.

Socialism is defined as a "political system of communal ownership" otherwise known as government ownership. We elect officials to office that will do the bidding of the people. We believe in capitalism, a free-market system where private ownership & competition means the strongest survives. Socialism keeps everything "fair" at the cost of competition and as we all know, competition is what breeds innovation and keeps prices low. Socialism gives the elected officials the power to say what is and isn't fair and what do you get when you give central people power? Dictatorship. When all that said, lets get to point of this story.

My eight-year old nephew and I were watching TV. The local news came on and a Breaking News piece plays about a group of people claiming Obama is ushering in an era of Socialism. My nephew plainly asked me, what is Socialism? In order not to confuse him, I simplified what it is and told him

"Socialism is a belief that everything should be fair when it comes to business and competition".

I gave him an example.

"Your father gives you $10.00 each week as an allowance as long as you do your chores. He also gives your older brother an allowance as long as he does his chores."

 I made sure he understood what I was saying. I asked him

"Would it be fair to you if you had to do all your chores and your brother's chores and he didn't do any chores, but both of you still got an allowance to be fair to your brother? Is that fair?"

He answered me no and I said that is Socialism. I learned not to underestimate the intelligence of an eight year old when he countered with

"When you and Daddy tell me I have to share my candy with Achilles (his cousin, around the same age as he is), is that Socialism?"

Before I could say something in my defense, he added "I do buy the candy with my own money. Daddy always tells me to be fair and share it with him [Achilles]. I do not like Socialism, Uncle Frankie."

My mind scrambled to figure out something to say. I had nothing. I turned to the TV and said "Do you want to watch cartoons?" I nodded to myself without looking at him. "Lets watch cartoons."  

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Monday, December 18, 2017
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