Does money equal happiness?

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An age old question that has probably been asked since the dawn of currency, can money buy happiness? Most people will say no, but let's dive into the concepts behind the question. Money does make the world go around and without it, we'll be back to bartering (I'll give you two chickens for a box of cigars). I will even argue that money is so entrenched into modern society that like the subtraction of computing technology, the world would come to a standstill. Money has its advantages and disadvantages, more so than any other modern convenience.

Let's break it down a bit. Money can buy a product from a merchant half a world away (let's see you barter a chicken for a Nintendo Wii from that distance). With money, you can open a credit account and spend future money right now (unlike counting chickens before they hatch). Those are just a couple examples of the many advantages of money, but what about the cons?

Money is the root of all evil (I thought religious zealots were, go figure) and with it comes the actual expression of a lot disjointed human emotions from an otherwise sane person. You have the greed, murder, lust, hate, jealousy and other embitter emotions displayed when money comes into the picture. There's even the impact of the lost of basic human necessities if you don't have enough or any money. It's hard to explain to a child why their empty belly can't be filled when they see others happily gorging on food piled to the skies above. This all leads to one question, does money equal happiness?

The question is not a simple yes or no. The question's answer depends on a person's definition of happiness and with that definition, volumes of variables. What makes me happy may or may not include things that must be purchased. Intertwined into the society's core beliefs is that material, a dash of faith, human connection and set goals equals happiness. You can disagree with me on that equation but if you look between the lines I pretty much summed up human existence. Now if the question were can money buy love, I think in modern constraints the answer is yes. Be honest with yourself, most love or the idea of love is found at the first time someone meets another person; the love at first sight concept. It takes money for a person to look "good" in the society definition of what a makes a person look good. Unless we take a vow to become a world of nudists, the concept of love at first sight is highly depended on money and a side of natural "beauty". If I were to drive up to an event with a car that cost me over 100k, I suddenly look better. If I drive up to that same event with a car that looks two miles away from a junkyard, most women will hardly notice I'm there. You get the picture.

All of this is a matter of opinion and yours, more often than not, will differ. I'm neither shallow nor egocentric but I am being honest on what I see and experienced. With money, a guy can probably fuck any woman that he chooses if he can spread that money around and the same is for women. Does all of this equal happiness? In my own standpoint no because truth, love and being judged on ones core merits is the secret sauce to true happiness. How to achieve all of this is subjective but I'll leave it on that note. I want to see what you guys and gals have to say about this and I ask you all the same question, does money equal happiness?

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Monday, December 18, 2017
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